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The animals at Wild Ohio were all born in captivity, bottle-fed, and socialized with humans from day one. We believe it is a privilege to raise these ambassadors of the wild so they can teach us about the value of the world around us. It is our responsibility that all animals live in the most natural environment possible. They can exhibit all their natural behaviors as they would in the wild. Unlike traditional animal-assisted therapy, ecotherapy gives us the rare chance to connect with animals on their terms not ours. Our raccoons can climb and hide or they can approach you to see if you have and treats in your pocket. Our foxes can hide in their borrows or they can come ask you for belly rubs! Our animals are not trained to do tricks or perform for us in anyway. We let them be themselves so we can be the best version of ourselves.


River is a 2-year-old red fox. She is extraordinarily social and loves to have her tummy rubbed. River, like most red foxes, is hyper and loves to run and scurry about. She has total trust in humans because we raised her with love and respect. Because she is still a wild animal, she exhibits wild-like behavior such as hiding and storing her food in caches for example.


Native to the Midwest, the gray fox is one of the smallest species of canine. Their elusive nature makes them rare to spot in the wild. The gray fox is also unique because is the only species that can climb trees. Romeo is two years old and very high energy. He loves to run and scurry through his enclosure and greet people when they come to see him.


Nope it’s not an opossum. Damien is an albino raccoon! He is our most senior citizen on the farm at 10 years old. In the wild, not only would Damien not fare well due to his albinism, but a raccoon’s life span in the wild is only 2-3 years. Due to their curious and fearless nature, wild raccoons often die by being hit by cars. Raccoons in captivity have been known to live up to 20 years so we are hoping for several more years with our sweet Damien.


Oscar is a spirited boy. His cinnamon blonde coat subtly sets him apart from his wild cousins. Oscar is two years old. He is still feeling his youth and is very active. Oscar will gladly eat from your hand. He will also steal shiny jewelry so be careful.


Luke is a 4-year-old bobcat. He was a bottle-fed kitten here at the farm. Luke has grown into a beautiful strong boy! Although Luke is tame, his strength, speed, and desire to play rough reminds us to love Luke from a safe distance. Luke lives in a huge enclosure where he can hide, climb, and play in the water as he loves to do.


A long motionless stare from Artemis can make you feel like she is looking through your soul! She is our three-year-old Eurasian eagle-owl. These birds are the largest owls on the planet. With a lifespan of up to 60 years, she is going to be with is a long time. Eagle owls in the wild have been known to go after prey as large as a full-grown deer! They have a wingspan of about 6 feet. It is nothing short of grace and beauty to watch her. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of her!


Alpacas are the newest species here at the farm. Our two girls, Sarah and Fable honored us by giving birth to a healthy daughter each this past summer! I fell in love with alpacas during my time in South America so when we got the chance to have them here at Wild Ohio, we didn’t hesitate! Alpacas are timid yet social animals. If they choose to approach you it must be their idea, not yours. While alpacas are so calming to watch grazing and running on the hills, they have another benefit: Wool! Each spring we sheer them, and hand spin the fiber.  While our herd is small currently, we plan to grow their numbers over time.


Our dairy goats provide us with fresh milk daily. They love attention and treats! Feeding goats can be so much fun. Did you know that goats love to eat poison ivy and are immune to it? There are documented cases of people growing up drinking goats’ milk and have subsequently become immune to poison ivy! Are goats magic?!


We have a couple of Angora rabbits! They love to be brushed and groomed, which is convenient because they must be groomed to keep their long, beautiful coats tangle-free. We blend the Angora fiber with Alpaca fiber to create a stronger, yet soft and luxurious yarn.

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