What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy, also known as nature therapy or green therapy, stems from the knowledge that people benefit from being a part of the natural world. We experience increased peace and relaxation through activities we already know like camping, nature walks and just spending time with loved ones, or alone, outdoors.

There is a chemical process in our brains that is triggered by interacting with animals which allows us to feel a sense of calm and connectedness.

Many people find it much easier to talk if they are participating in a shared activity outdoors.

The act of nurturing and caring for another living thing can get us out of heads for a bit. When we build relationships with animals, we learn all new ways to experience trust, communication and even lessons about life and death.

Nature is also a perfect place to learn anger management and self-esteem awareness. Building relationships with our natural world also has a huge impact on depression, anxiety, and our mood.

Ecotherapy at Wild Ohio

There are several animals who enjoy social interaction with people. Our foxes will come and take treats from your hand and they love to be pet. Our raccoons love nothing more than being social as they play and explore their shared world with you. Learning how to identify emotions in animals based on how they are interacting with us is a great way for us to explore our emotions and how we interact with the world around us.

We can also have a fire side chat, walk our six-acre property, feed chickens and goats or just sit and enjoy the scenery.